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No doubt you are experiencing rapid change in your life and observing it happening worldwide. This is often referred to as the Ascension process. If you are interested in understanding and managing this level of change in positive ways then you will find Edgar Speaks – Inner Transformation, 2012 and Beyond and Earth Changes to be both illuminating and transformative.


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The Wisdom of Edgar Cayce can transform your life! 

 You can create a better life, feel fulfilled, manifest your heart’s desires and be successful in all endeavors. No matter how challenging things seem right now you can ride the waves of change and manifest a new, satisfying and exciting life. You too can ascend to new levels of awareness and beingness. Right Now!

If you are like many of my clients and most people I know, you’ve probably attended countless seminars and read innumerable books on how to manifest the changes you desire in your life – and yet you may still not have experienced successful results.

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